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Used Vans

Purchasing a campervan is the beginning of an exciting journey towards the road-trip adventures you’ve pictured in your mind.

For customers on a budget, a second-hand campervan is usually the only option that makes sense. And, to be honest, that’s quite often the best option anyway. At Adelaide Clubbers Caravan, we sell used vans that would suit your budget.

Adelaide Clubbers Caravans has a wide variety of used vans for sale. As a client, you get lots of choice in one place. With our reputation in the caravanning, you can trust us to give you nothing but quality.

Campervans are so great because they’re a ‘house on wheels, right? So, would you think twice about buying that ‘nice looking’ house on wheels that has no leaking plumbing, or dodgy electrical work, and no broken door handles? Of course, you wouldn’t. Adelaide Clubbers Caravans offers you quality used campervans available for inspection.

18ft Olympic van 2005

It is an excellent van with unique features and qualities and consists of a renowned front kitchen, seat arrangement resembling an L shape. Also, the bench seat is attached to the island bed on the rear side. It is helpful for short trips and family vacations.

18ft Jayco Van 2003

Jayco is a famous brand known for its quality product delivery. The 2003 18ft Van has a shower and a toilet and everything that depicts a home. The island bed is located in the front with a store below the bed.

1999 Roma elegance Van 18ft

It is a special kind of caravan, comprising a kitchen at the rear, small café set-up and benches seating arrangement.  It offers fun and good memories.

2016 Jayco StarCraft 17ft pop-top van

The features include separate showers and toilets. It is a one-owner type of caravan, but the whole van condition is very efficient.

2008 coronal 20 ft. lifestyle vans

As the name implies, it creates a lifestyle. It has several features: a separate toilet and shower, a good battery capacity, 3three-way fridge, and other excellent defining features.

20ft phoenix Van 2002

It is a beautiful caravan that is always ready to be on the way. 

Why should you choose us?

There are so many reasons to say yes to Adelaide adventures. First and foremost, business with us means you are taking a lesser risk or none at all. We provide a wide range of services from which you can pick or shop all at one stop or call. We source goods from various brands and therefore can meet multiple demands.

Intriguing Collections

Our collection of traveller Rvs are enviable, and we stand tall among competitors. We deal in wholesale and retail.

Excellent Delivery System

We deliver effortlessly at a fast speed and accuracy. We are always at your service.

Accessible means of asset Acquisition

We provide various means by which you can acquire a traveller for your next family vacation. Apart from outright purchase, we accept instalment payments, trade-in, lease and hire purchase.

Moreover, we have adequate knowledge and expertise from experience you require to navigate your way through the market.