Adelaide Clubber Caravans

Kakadu Caravans

Kakadu Caravans is a particular brand of the Adelaide clubbers caravans, located in Adelaide, the state capital of South Australia. It is a home of an immense collection of trains, both new and pre-owned, with multitudinous varieties to choose from and pocket-friendly costs to suit your budget. There are many options to choose from, ranging from off-road to on-road, semi-off road and family caravans that will let your money speak for you without breaking the bank.

With so many years of experience in the caravanning, Kakadu Caravans builds caravans that are not just luxury and comfort but also built to befit the bumpiest roads of Australia; we offer the best quality and luxury caravans. Irrespective of what your taste is, we have what will suit you at Adelaide Clubbers caravans.

On-Road Caravans

As the name suggests, on-road Caravans are caravans used for travelling on tarred roads; using an on-road caravan to travel on an untarred road could wreak havoc to the caravan’s trailer.

There is a restriction to how harsh the roads are that you can handle as you can’t go completely rough roads. Regardless of this, the principal advantage is that they are lighter in weight and serenely towed by smaller vehicles.

Off-Road Caravans

Off-road Caravans are Caravans used for travelling on untarred roads; their trailers are built to be stronger than on-road caravans; off-road Caravans are a bit more expensive than on-road caravans because of the materials used in creating them.

They are built for individuals who need a genuine outside encounter far away from civilisation. The improved suspension implies that they are incredibly hefty, and you will require a bigger vehicle to tow them. The benefit of on-road caravans is that they are built for harsh conditions and will endure the vast majority of your open-air trips.

Semi Off-Road Caravans

Semi Off-Road caravans are standard off-road caravans with larger tires. They can handle bumpy roads but not as much as off-road caravans. Semi Off-Road Caravans are lighter in weight and can be comfortably towed by smaller cars.

The customer service in Adelaide Clubbers Caravans is superb, our workers’ major priority is to make sure customers are happy and satisfied with our products or services. Our workers are friendly, approachable and will put you through everything you need to know about caravans, traveller’s RV—the right product to suit your journey and budget.

Adelaide clubbers caravans are situated in a calm area simply off South Road in a covert showroom. It permits us to offer you an exceptionally customised administration to help you make your next band choice. A caravan isn’t only a proclamation piece. It is a way of life and a brilliant chance to take you and your family out travelling. You will have the opportunity to tour Australia in a generally valuable procession that will stay ageless for the years to come. With absolute highlights and alternatives, you can’t go past Kakadu Caravans.

Kakadu Caravans offer cross country guarantees, so be rest assured you will be covered with a known warranty worldwide no matter the situation. We offer the most impressive worth of available caravans. We build toughly constructed trains that are fit and ideal for Australian roads.