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What we offer

Although caravan accidents are pretty rare, you cannot eradicate them. Also, they can be catastrophic. It is, therefore, worth protecting yourself with a solid insurance plan. We provide you with a variety of insurance options made to cover you and your vehicle; for instance, loan Protection Insurance makes it possible for you to pick a level of coverage that works, not only for you but also for your family.

We offer extended warranty options for clients who want to protect their pre-owned vehicle or those looking to expand the warranty for their new caravan. For clients that want comprehensive coverage, we’ve got it! Get comprehensive insurance with monthly or annual repayments at cost-effective rates.

Regardless of the kind of insurance coverage you need, we can help you get the best product that suits your preferences. We also offer you the convenience of taking care of everything for you as part of a single transaction at the dealership.

Benefits of Insurance Covers


Insurance policies are bought to protect caravans against accidents. Insurance is a cover that guards against damage, theft or accidents.


The objective of insurance covers is to restore the insurer to the position he or she would have been before the incident happened. In that case, the insurer may have to spend less or nothing.

It can cover liabilities

In case of accidents, legal issues may arise as well as medical bills. Insurance protection affords you coverage against these expenses. The insurance company is responsible for all costs.

Liability insurance is of great advantage because it involves significant coverage.


Each insurer gets a bonus for the year when he or she has no claim. It is known as the NCB.


Caravan insurance is not mandatory. It is only a precautionary step taken to prevent damage or liabilities resulting from it. Insurance takes care of different situations, including theft.

It is as simple as contacting us through details provided during your insurance contract, or you may find appropriate information on our contact page. You must see your claim to be accurate and made timely.

Yes, it will. Whether you are travelling through rail, sea or road, and insurance protection is secured fastly to guard against accidents.

If you lend your trailer or caravan to a third party, they will receive the same cover as you. Hence, there is an insurance cover when your caravan is being towered by a third party such as your friends and family.

No, they are not. Punctures are parts of minor damages that could happen to your travel trailer but are not fundamental as to lead to the car breakdown. Hence, they are not covered.

Yes, there is one that covers losses or theft of personal belongings.