Adelaide Clubber Caravans

About Us

Welcome to Adelaide Clubber Adventures.

Adelaide Clubber Adventures is a well-known enterprise that trades in buying and selling all sorts of motorhomes, caravans and RVs. At Adelaide Clubber Adventures, you’re positive to discover diverse Caravan brands such as Supreme, Avida, Javco e.t.c.

Our firm is one of the prominent dealers for diverse travel trailers and motorhomes. We propose different Caravan options from which you can select your fore choice due to our long-term practice and excellent skills. We offer prominent RVs, motorhomes and travel trailers.

With Adelaide Clubber Adventures, purchases are made easy within and outside Australia. With our enormous database of good assessment that we deliver high-quality services with great speed. We’re much available and can be reached through mail or the contact form stipulated on our contact page. Your interest is our priority; you can rest assured of our products.  

We’re proud of the best-unequalled team devoted to the growth of the enterprise. Our merchandise is effortless to access, and the procedure is made easy with our online navigating device. We’re responsible and obligated to our work to meet your needs and deliver excellent services at a fast rate.

Our mission

Our purpose is to provide well-made motorhomes, travel trailers and RVs for diverse activities within and outside Australia.

Our Vision

We aspire to be prominently forward dealing business enterprise in the distribution of Caravans through a proportionate service supply.

Our Values

Our effectiveness and competent customer service are founded on our distinctive values, which have been determined with precision over the years.


Honesty is a cardinality of success and, as a matter of fact, the essential value of them all, which we comply with strictly and include sufficient accuracy in our daily business arrangement. We’re answerable to all legally binding contracts signed in the firm’s name and according to its rules.

Good Customer Service

In all we do, our patron’s satisfaction comes first. Hence we don’t indulge in phoney activities that will endanger our level of excellent service and damage the firm’s influence.


We engage high standard professionals in our exchange activities and hold our staffs responsible for it.

Our services

We foresee a wide selection of services which include New or used Caravan purchases. We deal in sales of new Caravans and also used cars for exchange.

Caravan Insurance

Insurance is a means of indemnity against a future occurrence of an uncertain event. We propose insurance that covers any form of Caravans or Motorhomes.

Caravan Financing

Caravans may be in various designs and fashions of different brands with similar cost. Some are pretty expensive and demand searching for financial assistance. Our team foresee diverse alternative for Caravan funds and propose amenity through distinct advantages included with each form of funds.

We support your RVs without any trouble or dread of going into debt. Our funds’ options involve hire purchase, trade-in, various types of leases- Active (also known as operating) and financing. Although terms and conditions may apply, the repayment condition is generally stretched.